Friday, June 05, 2009 will fly with the birds (details of my new painting)

please excuse the not great photos ,the light is so all over the place today.....I will post better ones when I get a chance,just going into college to fill all the holes in the wall and repaint my exhibition area........excitement

details of peacock for dear nath
this is still a work in progress ,if you want to comment ,I'd love that :)...
gouache on gessoed board
...had a really lucky day yesterday and was able to work right through (highly unlikely here most days) and I thank god and all the beautiful birds that have been inspiring me , oh and my fave music of the moment Lifeline by Iris deMent , it is THE most rousing collection . It was inspired by her own mothers old gospel songs that she used to bash out on the piano (which was squashed in between some of the childrens beds upstairs.)
Any time Iris,s mother wanted peace ,up she'd go to her "piana", and with her head thrown back would completely loose herself in these raw and fantastical songs.........whenever Iris (who has seen many hard days herself) phones her mother in distress, her mother says, IRIS GET YOU TO YOUR PIANA !.... I like this , I like this a lot xx

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nath said...

peacock and an Iris. so perfect. it's beautiful, Jane.