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I am an artist living and working in the West of Ireland. I make drawings,clothes,ZINES and artists books,short films and beloved objects. I have a stall at the Saturday Galway Market (from early february approx through till the last saturday before christmas) ...... if you would like to contact me further please email queenjaneosullivan (at)gmail(dot)com Thanks for visiting !

Thursday, April 30, 2009

hand me my little silver trumpet please...

ink and gouache on gessoed board

I was delighted to have been involved in the very recent exciting inaugural show by http:// (irish museum of contemporary art)This must be which was curated by Sally Timmons and Paul Murnaghan.
Artswap was presented by the fabulous,
It was a thrill to know that my piece, girl on a deer, was there , I believe it had a great time, and I am looking forward to getting my swap from artist Lucy Sheridan (hi Lucy !)

some more of my thangs ...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

girl in a gilt oval frame

ink on paper satin ribbon and gilt frame

Thursday, April 23, 2009

what next ....?

my table at college yesterday
detail of lacefield
ink on tissue

page of my scetchbook
ink on paper

scetchbook page
ink on paper
I am in the process of rounding up all my worldly (um, unworldly worldly) work as I approach my degree final assesment which is on.... WEDNESDAY JUNE THE TENTH ,no, no ,its not getting to me at all ! I actually feel quite apart from it all , its like well, I just make the work , its up to the work to ... well to work, like it either works or it doesnt and at this stage in my life it can do as it pleases because I know that I could not have poured any more work into it and so I am letting it of on its way..... then I can make some more !

drawings du jour........

ink on vintage wallpaper on gessoed board in old frame

ink and acrylic on board

ink on acrylic on envelope with transfers

Sunday, April 19, 2009

drawings etc......

acrylic on paper on board
work in progress
ink on tissue paper
april 2009
azura and her rabbit
ink and acrylic on paper
march 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

she tripped lightly in the april sunshine gathering clues wherever she looked (sometimes it can be overwhelming know ..being CREATIVE

the light was AMAZING today, every time I went to photograph some little fairy or bud all I could see was this amazing shape shifter ,I think I recognise her ,but I am not sure (if you do ,hurry, let me know )
then I heard a shreek of little girls saying OMG, OMG , A BIRDS NEST ! so I sprinted over and so enamoured with it was I ,that they kindly gave it to me, (probably out of embarresment) as I was a little more excited than they, its an old nest ,so no cruelty involved.
The last image is this amazing flower that I thought I.d lost ,its called frittilia , but I know that it is obviously from alice in wonderland or something.

studio love part two..

thats it for todays inside world account, rush to the next post to find out what happened when the artist went into...... THE GARDEN today.......

studio love

When I finally got into my studio this afternoon, I had a lump of emotion in my throat. I love the feeling when I enter my place of work. Its true,it is a place apart from the outside world, from which I can safely scheme up plots to overthrow complacency,mundaneness and insignificance. It is here that all great things start...... Yes ,it is here that I can be me......
below are some random images that I photographed today, in my imediate surroundings , they make my work, its all work, it all flows the same way ...It was a real April day , drip,drip,drop little april showers ......The sun shone shone valiantly on , through the showers ,through it all, it was there..x

Sunday, April 12, 2009

um..........happy easter everyone

ceramic flower tree
ink,vintage wallpaper,watercolour and pencil on gessoed board

lapins from the amazing Parisian taxidermist Deyrolle

I had a fabulous day ,tidying and gardening and eating and cycling and walking but not drawing and that makes me a small bit sad. These lapins I adore them , I was in the shop Deyrolle in Paris,a couple of years ago, and it is amazing ,sadly they had a fire this year and if I had half a brain you could read all about it with a super slick link...but I cannot do anything taxing (I DID not say taxidermisting !) until after june when I will have completed my degree ,until then its like I am in intensive care (yes it is that touch and go),
TOMMOROW I WILL DRAW LOADS OF AMAZING THINGS,,,,yes I will , really, easter holidays are a busy time ,not conducive to solitary drawing but very good for wearing bright blue and yellow (which I was) and a dear elderly neighbour said she,d take a photo of me if she had a camera ! and the palpable general bonhomie atmostphere of "can do" in our village today.
The drawing I posted was in Catalyst Arts exhibition last year and I kind of miss it. Fingers crossed that they have found it by my next post .
Oh..and if you are reading this I just want to send out some love and a big high five to all my friends even the ones I havent yet met in person ! ,your support is so appreciated.(you all know who you are )Thanks for the comments ,they kind of keep me going when I feel all alone . (you does that to you,seems its all a part of the process ) xxx Jane ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Friday, April 03, 2009

college today

a small installation of drawings and my film ..the lady who carried her house on her back
ink on paper and board

drawing du jour....

untitled drawing (for selma)
ink on tissue

Thursday, April 02, 2009

scary huh ?

mischevious misty
illustrated by Chader 1963