Thursday, May 04, 2017

Galway market,every Saturday you will find *** Jane O'Sullivan's carefully considered gleanings and art work just for you.

hey if you are reading this, welcome, just a few recent images to keep my blog fresh :)

I love to make really interesting selections of articles to sell on my saturday market stall,in Galway in the west of Ireland, by the sea !!

These objects are to compliment the hand made clothes and hats that feature in the staring can find some very unusual and interesting artefacts, mostly things that I have loved and now am letting go from my studio.

Last week a lovely customer bought the 1920's postcard album above, it had a hand painted front !

Above that is a hand drawn cotton bag...available still !!, the crazy cool horse lighter has been sold,but the tiny pressed metal broaches at the top are new in this Saturday, well they are very old, but from my own collection, I guess they are from 1940's.

farewell for now

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