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I am an artist living and working in the West of Ireland. I make drawings,clothes,ZINES and artists books,short films and beloved objects. I have a stall at the Saturday Galway Market (from early february approx through till the last saturday before christmas) ...... if you would like to contact me further please email queenjaneosullivan (at)gmail(dot)com Thanks for visiting !

Thursday, July 31, 2008

woman with butterflies

watercolour and gum arabic on reverse glass 2008

Princess in a neon forest

ink and marker on board

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

loving being a part of a sweet zine BFR made by a girl in her bedroom !

image from BFRmag

image from BFRmag

my contribution drawing
ink and paper on old book
sometimes I wonder where my work can exist and find a space coz I am not super ambitious. I just want to make the best work that I can which communicates to others and creates a dialogue.Then I can make more and share it ...when I chanced upon this sweet zine I loved it and let the maker of it know and was delighted to be invited to contribute a piece of my work (as any artist knows that is a super feeling ).
bfrmag to me is real and its super fun and full of otherworlds which is just what tiggers like best.

Monday, July 28, 2008

why my objects are more inspiring than most people

alice book 1911

avon glass owl jar 1970

ikea fabric 1980

ceramic owl 1970 japan

tree wall decoration u.s.a 1960,s
I can imagine my objects into paintings, narratives and give them a new life, I do like some people a very ,very lot (they know who they are) its just most are just so ............

a few new drawings ...

beauty truth love
oil pastel and watercolour on paper

hermionies dream (detail)
ink colour pencil on paper

what do you want?
oil pencil goldleaf on paper

scetchbook drawing
acrylic and wax crayon

my painting chosen to be part of catalyst arts at g126

ceramic blossom on branch
ink pencil and watercolour on gesso 2008
I am a proud member of Catalyst Arts who are based in Belfast,it is an artist run space , I first met them at the TRADE show in The Dock artscentre , Carrick on Shannon back in 2006. They were noiseily hosting an artists carbootsale outside , featuring amongst many items, dodgy low fi remakes of Apocalypse Now , set in Belfast . Every year ,there is a members show and the theme this year was allotments.In Jan.09, Catalyst will link up with another artist run space the Galway based g126. A selection of the Catalyst members show will travel and I am delighted to be selected.

its all happening in the kitchen ! mantua arts space badge art show opening july 19th

tabnab tree drawing with collaged element
pen on paper july 2008

I was pleased to be a part of the badge art show because it just felt so real and funny and I had no idea of what to expect, only I just knew it was for me. I can,t post the images of my art work yet coz they are so small, but I will when I get them back and I,ll scan them ,they are carbon drawings.I was inspired by tiny scenes out of a vintage childs storybook about the circus.....BUT LITTLE DID I KNOW THE REAL REASON I FOUND MYSELF IN MANTUA with a little trepidation, I found the mantua artspace ,in an old garda barracks down the Elphin road in very rural Roscommon. It is another world entirely and run by the sweetest people. After a warm welcome from Carolann (hi!x) I saw the show, which was curated by Nathalia from stitchypress (see their myspace page ) There was a giant washing line installedin the gallery space ,with the badges pinned to pants and socks . It looked well. Anyways ,I badly needed tea so Nathalia ensured we ie. me and Richeal (aka shelkybean,fellow contributor to the show ) got some. Thanks lovely Nathalia.
It was then that I found these wonderful cute tablemats ,super inspiring .They will no doubt make there presence felt in time... I will post a link to the Badge Art Show show when they have documented it.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

somebodies stolen my dolls house !

If anyone has seen where my extremely fragile and valuable dolls house has gone please let me know ,I will promise an update just as soon as any news , interesting developments or reincarnations appear (not that I am putting any pressure on myself to um like um, um, um, make any replica dolls houses or anything )
xxx see you soon jane

"the faculty of wonder..........

the woman on the plate
ink and gouache on paper may 2008

...,like curiosity, can make things happen,it is time for wishful thinking to have its due "
I like that ,its a quote from the wonderful Marina Warner and its in her book Beast to Blonde: on fairytales and their tellers
When its all been said ,there has to be somewhere else , somewhere ,somehow,......
It may be in the scenes on old china plates, its definately to be found in my old books, particularly in Alyonuska by Igor Yershov,

awake thou that sleepest....

my absolutely most favourite (at the moment) carboot sale treasure\revelatory article has to be this print. It is a biblical saying illustated with a fairly arbitrary (it has to be said) image on tinselled foil paper of a scene from swanlake the ballet.
I,d guess that it would be from the 1930-1950,s. and from the northern protestant tradition.
The world inhabited by the ballet dancers dreamlike or what!! I,m there ,I have awoken to this dream for sure. I love the colours, the shinyness and the contrast of the vintage style of print amongst it all.

why enchantment?

I think that the previous image woman with bears is actually from Edmund Dulac , sorry Kay Neilson. I have ordered the catalogue , 2nd hand from amazon as its first publishing has sold out.I am inspired by these illustrations because they are not hiding their aim at enchantment,we seem embaressed by this today in much contemporary art as it can be a fine line between nostalgia for an age ,which I feel can be depressing as there is no connection to now , the past is seen as other and golden and gone. It is of course not gone, its essence if eternal is still here , albeit in another form.Which leads me swiftly on to my latest obsession .... neon , neon highlighter pink, yellow and orange . It is going into all my work at the moment, clothes and drawings , whatever !