Friday, August 30, 2013

Holding A Space

I am holding the book pages over a light ,thats why there is a ghost of an image coming through.......hmmmmm

Holding a Space
series of images
I wish them well.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

all things considered ....

above image is from my new body of work holding a space.
I have made the images into an limited edition(10) artists book.
I also want the images to make their own way out into the world in another form aswell.

oh the sun , this was 7.30 am two weeks ago 
two saturdays ago , I just couldnt help myself , she (Frida), made me do it :) 
thank you beautiful Mary from Belfast , that cardigan deserved you .
Thank you to all the lovely people who buy my work at my market stall in Galway, every saturday. I will not be there sat aug 24th or 7th sept(sorry)

 feels like I am starting to take a different flight path.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

new moon , new work

 new work 
it will be a small delicately made book available on sunday 18th august here

Thursday, August 01, 2013

waiting and planing and being thoughtful and feeling very blessed and happy.......

I got the adorable antique cardboard mini trunk at the carboot sale for 5 euros ! , it is made to look like crocodile , but is actually cardboard/wood and paper.
I am making a new book for the upcoming Dublin Zine Fair , where I will be exhibiting my work on the sunday 18th August.
I am going to display the new book in this lovely case.
The last picture is of another old case in which I display the drawings I sell on my market stall , they are very very affordable if anyone is in Galway on a saturday , do drop by.

Oh , I just thought this would be cool , to look at my posts from august going back in my blog. I notice that I am not posting very much ,like then , but that is because I am out more in the world . My blog was the place where I began to find my voice , and thats why its still so special to me. It feels very private , compared to say , facebook and I like that.I hope that I can keep it going :)

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