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I am an artist living and working in the West of Ireland. I make drawings,clothes,ZINES and artists books,short films and beloved objects. I have a stall at the Saturday Galway Market (from early february approx through till the last saturday before christmas) ...... if you would like to contact me further please email queenjaneosullivan (at)gmail(dot)com Thanks for visiting !

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I was walking just around my road and so many flowers were peeking up at me,the words are from the language of flowers ,a very old book from around 1853,that we recently refound in the house . Oh..... my book is nearly finished and I am so pleased with it......

Monday, May 25, 2009

new work is coming....

above images are my work of the last two days in extremely "rough (but I am so glad I got something down) form"
gouache on gessoed board
Thanks be to goodness, I am a great believer in the energies of the moon, and yes , the new moon came yesterday and with it some assistance with making a start on something new.
Oh Lordy , it can be tricky to make work when there is an outside pressure of an iminent last assesment looming.(not to mention hoopla stand of a graduation show OMG )
I want to continue with my work not just because I have completed a degree at long last in fine art ,but because I only know that I know nothing.

Below is a wonderful quote I read today and it sums up just how I feel.....

The goal is not to have a goal.
John Cage

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it !

my new loves
..... just this minute arrived clogs I just can't decide which ones to wear !

Monday, May 18, 2009

seems like an important one somehow...

house tree
ink and collage on paper
I made this drawing around three years ago and I still love it ,it just made itself and it feels very humble and honest (qualities that I admire),like a fairly inept hand tinted photograph.....I do think that these can be so moving ......

does work change over the years ?

all above work 2003-4
I wasn't looking at my work properly for a long time, I sort of peeked at it sometimes but mostly disowned it and kept moving on to the next thing to do. I must say that as I have started to see the work as a whole,like a map,a connected body of directions...... its easier to see what is working and what is just distraction,or temporary.
I have been looking back at my old work as I prepare for my iminent degree show ,and although I will not be including it ,as it is too removed from my current concerns,I do feel it has some interest in its subject matter. I may revisit some elements of this work ,I like drawing so much and I feel I have a lot more that I can say in this medium.
I have mixed feelings about studying for so long , the part-time aspect is extremely time consuming ,for me over 7 years omg ! ..and its frustrating because while I know that I am fully immersed in my work and it feels extremely real ,it remains largely hidden.
Art is a strange affliction, I cannot stop ,it has meaning for me, but maybe very little meaning outside of me (a fear at times ,at others an acceptance) I don't know ,I will keep on going until the wheels fall of the cart and try to get better at what it is I have chosen to do.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

heres the thing... homemade show this friday.... (please excuse dumbness over links , I will be on to it v.v soon) photograph by Jeannie O'Brien
....... in the meantime copy and paste this , its worth it for the brilliant and rare video of Mr Homemade himself John Cage performing a very early piece of his music, live on stage using(amongst many other things) whisks, baths,egg timers and whatnots to the bafflement of the audience.(its under inspiration for submitting work to the homemade show)
Homemade is a great show happening up in Dublin this friday 15th may,,which is brought together by the music,art and technology collective Synth Eastwood.
I would love to go but sure, you know things to do ,places to go blahdey blah, but heres the thing, I have a drawing in it !! ,class , delighted I am...
All the drawings are going to be projected on the wall and theres homemade dolls houses,laptops,bands,chairs,animations,hobby horses, it all sounds brilliant.....

drawings on boxes 2008-2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

part two........(of the yay! day)

my sunny may day (yay!)

....Today was a beauuuuuutiful day ,and I have recorded it, the shadows were amazing ,it is very rare to have a day like this in the unpredictable (petulant) Irish climate , so records need to be procurred you see.....
what you see is my daily walk, (its around a lovely bogland over the road from where I live) but in mary poppins technicolour sunlight...yes !
oh ,if you are interested my dogs are called zara (beddlington terrier) and towser (whippet),when I got home, I am in the garden painting on some grounds for some soon to be fantastic paintings (true) as usual I got a bit carried away with the shadows that kept appearing on my boards and then I got excited about how lovely the shapes were....well they are shapes that are magical because if the sun wasn,t there they wouldnt have appeared..........hope you are all getting out into the day wherever you are , we are blessed x

Monday, May 11, 2009

drawing and writings du jour

ink and ribbon and carbon on board
click on the image below ,I know its v.hard to see it small (sorry !)

work in progress (all that connects us is our tears)
white ink and acrylic on tissue
I am using a lot of white ink at the mo , and I have to say it is a nightmare to photograph, I guess that might have something to do with using extremely light blue underneath.but I am happy with this image in the real world.Hope its nice and warm where you are , doesn,t it make you feel loved ,cozy and calmer? (it does me anyhow.)

studio love

in studio ,gazing around in near catatonic state , what if I can't ever make anymore work after I leave college ?, what if I can't make any work today , on and on it goes .... blahdey least the sun is shining .

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

front cover of my first zine /book......(a work in progress)

image on front cover of book is tiny kiss
ink on paper
I was never quite sure of what I thought of photoshop,like I have had it on my mac for years ,but never used it, (okay its an amazing tool ) I quite like this writing that I was able to do with the mouse , I,ll be thinking it over anyways I am posting it in a flurry of excitement , lots more work to do tho, ...(knowing me ,it ,ll probs be all different tommorow )
I am going to try and sell them on this blog ,so any pre-orders or general feedback on my work (the artist assures you that she ALREADY HAS 2 pre-orders,um... thanks guys ! xx ) will be very welcome.
There will be around 20 drawings , interspersed artistically (sort of in a deconstructed storybook way)........with hand drawn lettering transcribing found texts and my photographs (that have inspired the origins of my work )

Monday, May 04, 2009

more treasures ,right here ,right now ...

ceramic pieces from Victorian rubbish dumps

needlework magazines booty

needlewomen are rad !

the second part of this post features my find of the day for sure ,a collection of FIFTY beautifully cared for needlework magazines from the late 1940,s till the 1950,s , these came via a seller who came over from London,with local connections , they are full to the brim with the most amazing ideas , crazy schemes ,and really folkloric booty .I love them so much , that I cannot believe that I found them ,or maybe I cannot believe that they excite me so , there is absolutely no hope for me !...........
The china scraps are from the same man , who used to dig at the old recovered Victorian rubbish dumps , well this is the type of stuff he found. I do think they have a strong poetic resonance together. Once complete dolls, teasets etc.......

it maybe winter outside...

I am on the back of that pink horse like NOW OKAY ?

cute case , its like it was never used ,or very carefully ,if at all

Junior Typewriter Lilliput toys. Gillingham,Kent 1975
(if anyone has any info , they seemed to have made a lot of tin type toys , like robots , some are on ebay , I think the company closed down in the early 1990,s , but I cannot find out anything else, I am praying hard to get some fresh typewriter ribbon , as the one in it is dried up (duh ! is like 34 years old.) It takes half inch standard black/red manual ribbon , it says MK.V on the back of the spool case. I want to type silly things on the front of little hand made books,etc ,ooooohhh I can,t wait !

cute bookplates for squirrel lovers

poodles writing set , I didn,t know that poodles could write ,huh ?

......what a day ! It could not have been anymore cold,overcast and generally horrible !,but I still managed a walk with the dogs and a cycle.I went to the monthly carboot sale, last weekend ,and I must say that I was blessed with some really inspiring finds . I will get great mileage out of them for my work ,but one little problem...I need some half inch standard typewriter ribbon for my typewriter, any ideas, cant,seem to get it round here , if anyone can send me some , that,d be cool.