Sunday, June 07, 2009

customizing drawings

your image that blossoms a rose in the deeps of my heart.....
ink on tissue on vintage wallpaper
I am getting my work ready for exhibiting and its all coming together fairly spit spot as mary poppins would say ...only some of the drawings are not lending themselves to behaving in a disciplined way up on the wall . These are all the drawings that I made on tissue paper. Its so important to get the way you actually place the work on the wall right.
Ideally I would like to lay them all in a shallow box to be carefully looked through but in reality that is a little too risky.
.....Framing is too darn expensive ,so I will probs hang them from tiny bulldog clips that I am spraying white.
I was hoping to get this and a few other tweeks done in time for the full moon at around 7pm tonight but ,I'll just have to go into the next moon cycle (please excuse silliness over moon ...its just some of us have to enforce some kind of limitations or nothing would ever conclude well sort of conclude until the next stab at it.)

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