Friday, June 12, 2009

thanks for coming everyone xx

well....what can I say , it was fantastic, thank you to all my family and friends for coming to my graduation exhibition (and being super at the times I really needed you).
I was overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm that my work was shown. It was lovely to quietly watch people leafing through my work and being so excited by it. wow !
To the people that bought my work (thank you) and the artists books that I made , well......I am pleased that I made them and that you now have them ! yipee:)
I will post photos of my exhibition next week. Now I must pack up my little market stall for tommorow is market day .
I have really enjoyed the sometimes very challenging nature of studying within a hectic home and work life , the part-time fine art degree I would recommend to anyone seriously interested in making their work more focused and stronger.
.....Lastly ,thank you to my 11 fellow classmates who too have reached a place they may never have thought possible. The journey was a lot brighter with your friendships....good luck to you all. To my tutors ,thank you for your insight and honesty at all times,I heard it and I will miss you all.......Jane x

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nath said...

wheeeeeeeeeeee! you did it! well done, i have been thinking about you today.

now, are you in that top pic?

hope you're having a lovely celebratory evening!