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I am an artist living and working in the West of Ireland. I make drawings,clothes,ZINES and artists books,short films and beloved objects. I have a stall at the Saturday Galway Market (from early february approx through till the last saturday before christmas) ...... if you would like to contact me further please email queenjaneosullivan (at)gmail(dot)com Thanks for visiting !

Saturday, January 30, 2010

saturday part two..............

I keep seeing pink and yellow ...I put it in a drawing that I am struggling with at the moment , I guess its a spring thing ...the body and mind needing different more surprising colours....
you can never hold back spring
tom waits
I love that song

saturday part one

found scrapbook c.1920
Today is the full moon,.......I have been looking at my older work and visual references.
I hope that they will help me to re-find my way again as I understand that I do not always have to start everything new.
The work is a continuum and sometimes I forget that I have come so far already.
I deeply value each and every one of my readers , even if you cannot comment , I know you are there and it makes me smile :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

new work and some nice things around me ....

little deer picture (1970)
behind the cutter inn
lorna crabbe
josephine rankin
golden hands magazine (1970-4)
a rabbit among the fairies
john anster fitzgerald (1832-1906)
work in progress.......

It feels great to be back in my studio , altho I am very slow to make anything that I feel good about at the mo....but I know that I must continue to turn up to the page and remain present if I am to make anything at all.
I was listening to tom waits and iris de ment yesterday and line after line made such sense to me .
I love that about music, how it can put you in another space entirely .
I was looking through an old collection of golden hands (because I like a lot of the romantic poses in it,it is a 1970's home sewing and craft magazine)...and I kept stopping at the lovely line drawings of josephine rankin, I cannot find out anything about her , I guess she was a working illustrator and never written about. I have just three other images of hers and I will post them again.
I discovered the work of lorna crabbe whilst looking at kickcanandconkers (a very inspiring blog that features so many lovely things)......I have posted up an image of lornas book behind the cutter innand it is one of my most inspiring beloved objects living on my studio table right now .....I love its size and the totally arbritary images that Lorna has put together (I am so glad that I contacted her)
oh...john anster fitzgerald , well ,I have a delirious love of the victorian fairy painters and one day would like to do some extensive research on them (they were very strange and interesting )

Monday, January 25, 2010

I was away ...but now I am back (as one must leave to see what is really there in your place)

my best friend maker of dreams ,dolls,wishs.........muses
arthur davies unicorns
last week , first day on the bike again (magic)
alans wreath.......
my first ever muse (surely a rather special present)

I have been away in england at a very sad family funeral ... but I am glad to have this enchanted space (the space of back again) in which to find myself again .......its a challenge but this morning on the early morning train back through Ireland as the amazing otherworldly incandescent morning light was begining to show its self .........I felt lighter .....
Like a garden, lots of lovely things have shown their beginings since my absense.....shadow land , the space between , the void, the space left behind are all in my mind very much .
Here are some recent images that will show me the way forward ...
thank you dear tinderbox for loving my work ...xx

Friday, January 15, 2010

in the outside all is complexity, art stills the mind (yoko ono)

woman standing by a pool
todi ragini 1725
theodore hosemann 1872
I absolutely love this shawl ,,,its the totally arbritary colours that were chosen ...but yet they work LOVE THIS THING
my altar
I always thought lewis carrolls own illustrations for Alice were ace and underated

all that I choose to see today .....
I really loved finding that quote yesterday , as it helped me to remember.
I love this image of the woman with the deers .........Indian and Persian painting has to be some of my most favourite spaces to be in .

Monday, January 11, 2010

snowy film screen grabs..........

whatever one loves
film stills
work in progress 2008-
(these are just screengrabs , apologies that they are not super super)

Today I found this bit of film that I made last time we had a lot of snow ...I never really used it for anything , so it is good to see it in another context ....I love the image of my doll in the snow she could be \is real.
I have a lot of footage that I made whilst at college, and I am going to make a film with it just as soon as I can (yes yes yes jane you can do it !)
Wish me luck because today I am atempting to set up a flickr account so that I can show my drawings in one place acsessible from my blog...omg omg omg (will I be able to do it aaaarrgggg...)
It is so frustrating trying to keep my website updated (ie. its not in my control ) that I badly feel the need to have a clear space within my blogspace where you can go to see my recent work.
So thats it from me , I better get on with it so ! Keep warm ,happy and productive x
Thanks Lorna I cannot wait to open my package ,it is my prize for when I have all my work done .

Saturday, January 09, 2010

today it is saturday and the snow princess does not know that her deer is waiting to go to that place they had always dreamt of.......

the snow princess does not know that her deer is waiting to go to that place that they had always dreamt of
ink and marker on tissue paper

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

feeling my way into january all seems so epic

today as I rushed out into the new snow
the lovely miss tiddleywink from over the fields coming for her seasonal visit
the second field away from our bottom field...over a stream,isn't it just like a storybook.......
on my birthday on the 3rd of january...I had a magical walk with my beloved (and our two dogs)...discovered these green velvet trees in a copse where the dogs lead us to
in the storybook field is a derelict cottege and this lovely saucer was under some old straw...signifying new growth I feel :) it is from arklow pottery c.1940-50
....just in case anyone was concerned , I am now out of the bush and trying not to loose my (mind)....... initial good humour.
The schools are off for even longer now because of the snow and it feels so hard to find the serenity I need to make some new work tho ... and I really want to.
I keep reading the words I found on dear Renildes blog,I am sure that she would not mind if I shared them here.

while keeping still and silent
doing nothing,
spring will come and grass will grow
all by itself

I am loving all this weather,and getting out into it. It is epic "normal" life has been halted , our silly little disorganised country is not capable of managing the roads etc, etc, everything is difficult to get to , to do...can you believe our minister of the environment has been away on holiday while the whole country is in need of salt for the roads, it is so embarresing :(
BUT........It has made me focus more on my imediate surroundings finding magic here and next field even.
I do love this time ,it feels like it is slipping away , when the snow melts ...when I can no longer let one day go into another ...when I need to make sense of something....that will happen soon enough x