upcoming !!!!!!! (July5th-19th) *Solo Exhibition*

Life is Supported in Mysterious Ways was my new solo show.
****July 5th -July 19th****
it was an installation of drawings , ceramic pieces and a short video.I am in the process of getting professional images of the exhibition on to a new website,please keep in touch via janeosullivanart/facebook.
The gallery showing my work was Talbot studios and Gallery Talbot Street Dublin.
Thank you always for your interest in my work.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

back soon , for real xx

biteen distracted at the mo with so much to do.....where to start etc etc etc etc etc ....
really looking forward to being a woman of substance soon.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

we are the substance of our lives

front cover of my book

I am making an edition of 15 artists books for the upcoming Dublin Zine Fair.
It is on this weekend , I will only be there on the sunday as I have to do my market stall in Galway on the saturday.
we are the substance of our lives is a long drawing made on an old linen altar cloth that I was given ,as I am often given old materials with which to make the clothes that I sell on my market stall on saturdays in Galway.
The  book will have a pull out printed version of the long drawing , a concertina book so to speak. It will be small , around A6 in size , an intimate and beloved object , I may write a piece within it on my manual typewriter.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Dublin Zine Fair 2014 !!


I am SO looking forward to this !
myself and miss ShelkyBean , will be in attendance on the Sunday only , with some lovely considered and highly magical fare.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Life is Supported in Mysterious Ways

image from artist book holding a space
glass slide
part of installation Life is Supported in Mysterious Ways

I am in the process of gathering a lovely selection of images and words for a special post on my current solo exhibition. Unfortunately my poor computor is not cooperating as it is feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment, with memory problems etc. So do call back and if you are not afraid of f.b you can see a little of what keeps me away from here. I look forward to making much more considered piece soon. Jane x
event page
gallery page
my other f.b page

Monday, June 02, 2014

Life is Supported in Mysterious Ways - an installation of new work.

the collector of calm
stoneware clay

photo by Magda Horrodecka

This is the first piece of my previously unseen work, to be shown online.
It is from  for my upcoming solo exhibition Life is Supported in Mysterious Ways
All the necessary details can be found on the link in the previous sentence,to my event page.
If you do happen to have delightful dear facebook, please would you kindly share my event page, thank-you (do email me if you need any specific info)
A Massive **Thank You** to all the kind and patient people who have supported me to get this work shown.It has been a journey with many many blessings for me and I truelly hope you know how much that kind word along this long and unending road meant. Jane xx

"We work in the dark-we do what we can -we give what we have.
 Our doubt is our passion, and our passion is our task.
 The rest is the madness of art "
 Henry James

Saturday, May 17, 2014

May flowerings

hello blog and blog friends.....its the middle of lovely May already AND here I am making my mark on my dear blog.

*My 1st of May offering of flowers on my thresh hold an Irish tradition to bring good luck on this auspicious day and keep out any naughty fairy mischief.

I love the symbolism evoked by flowers across the years and different cultures.An Art installation I made for the museum of Country Life three years ago,just after my first solo exhibition at the Custom House Studios and Gallery, Westport,Co.Mayo.The timing was mad , but thankfully it all worked out good in the end !!
you are welcome as the flowers in May

* scetchbook
*Zara and Maisie in my studio

Sunday, April 27, 2014

blossoms everywhere

*favourite inspiring objects of mine include these two old paper pieces from Victorian times.one is a printed envelope and the other a paper cut valentine card , under the woman and horse the words love and fidelity see here

* some of my inspiring old pieces of china , I am working on making objects in clay at the moment to include in my installation life is supported in mysterious ways

*my magic tree that my friend gave me two christmases ago, the first flowers of the year

*upcycled coat , delighted customer last week on my market stall.

*magic flowering wand I would say , seen last week as I ventured to film the swans for the film element of my show.
 All is going quite well , two months left to bring all my work together.
I feel in a privledged position , to know that I have an actual real space in Dublin to show it to the world , properly ,in a space of its own.