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Monday, June 22, 2009

gathering together the tangled strands of exuberance

my altar to time and space at this time I love it even more
on friday I went to see the show of my tutor ..Denis Farrell (a major show of fantastic work ,shown at the Dock arts centre) ,in the middle of the town of Carrick-on -Shannon ,is this ode to love, it is a chapel commisioned long ago by a man for him and his wife to be buried in at their time of departure from this world to the next ..I believe the coffins have glass tops ,it is absolutely tiny and quite unique , I love to see it ,yet never have been inside.
mooning around as is my want ,I was so gladdened to see that ,there is always...always more.These poppies do this every year , hidden from view ,behind a shed ,they bloom ...I love them and their independence and pride.
I have been so loved these last few weeks ,my arrival into the art world has been heralded by hugs ,flowers and general delight by my friends and encouragers ...all of you matter to me deeply xx flowers from dear dear edith(they sing to me of the happy and loved garden where she cared for them always)...... , then bluest of blue delphiniums from dee and a snow white rose bush from pat ,a cake from mary,a felt flower clip from veronica ,a ring with a real flower in it and some blue nail varnish from karen , flowers from selmas garden ,my soul is full of flowers ,I am truelly,truelly blessed♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Denis's show is called in memorys darkroom ( the paintings are both monumental and humble,always beautifully made ,it would not do justice to the power of seeing them for real, if I were to post them here (,its like he pulled the whole sky in and pinned it up on the wall),I noticed this hand written piece he had drawn on to the bare gallery on it and imagine why he wrote it.....
....feeling a little weak after all the work but strangely calm aswell. I am gathering all around me and tidying and smoothing down all the chaos that enivatably occurs when you reach deep into your very being for that last push needed (exhibition, graduation...blahdey blah...)


Top bird said...

Those wild poppies peeping up are just so special. xx

lili scratchy said...

thank you for the visit and I'm very happy to have discovered your blog!
have a nice day,

Jane O Sullivan said...

me too lii and top bird ...its so exciting when you get a comment ..I just get shaky with excitement !!
Yes , those poppies are wild and thats the thing , how or when did they decide to grow there :)wishing you all well out there in the blogasphere !