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Thursday, June 18, 2009

somewhere over the rainbow in the land of lemondrops and little red spots thats where I,ll find you......(its a long road that has no turn.....)

well was the last day of my exhibition and was a very busy one again, meeting all the people who came in to see my work specially ! and also to meet others that came in to the whole degree show.
My road has turned a corner for sure and today I could really feel that. I have to believe what people are saying about the work ,it has now left me and its in other peoples lifes,that is a pretty powerful feeling.
I took a few parting images before I had to finally dismantle the installation ,it really comes alive when people are in the work , literally as you can see from the beautiful little boy who was very carefully showing one of my drawings in the box to his sister ,they were at the feet of his mother ,a very glamorous woman,who also was intently looking . I like these intent lookers , thanks guys !
Little Rosa and her mother cassie ,were just a total wonderful distraction to me, I love roses and to have a tiny little smiley baby ,called rosa,smiling around and being mesmerised by my rings was a lovely restful moment , thanks girls !
I think the empty but full shelf is a good image of my show, that shelf was extremely popular and delighted many people ,I felt quite sad taking down the magic tree for thumbelina and the flowers ..................

Lastly ,I have posted the corner that has worked the best ,it has a certain coherence (thanks Lorretto xx ) which I can see in the process that this week has provided; to really SEE MY WORK IN A CONTEXT yay for contexts !

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Top bird said...

Congrats on your show, sounds like it was a great success. xx