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Thursday, June 11, 2009

random randoms...(looking into other worlds)

saoirse cullen
kate hudson
eimear twomey
brid egan
brid egan
well what a day ! first off, it was glorious,sun ,sun,sun-ah-ah,sun,sun,sun-ah-ah !, then seconds I actually tore myself away from the frantic preperations of our own degree show (tommorow......) ,to drive down to the main art college and see the full college degree show.It was just the boost I needed and gave me lots of inspiration. I met lots of people I know that have been studying at a higher level and that was really satisfying to see them make it.
For me a big highlight is the library. It is fantastic ! As it is the main library its ...oh...excitement ..(you get the picture) anyways ,in my demented gleeful state didn;t I come across a v. rare (the royal art lodge) catalogue,it is impossible to get hold of as they werent so well known then. So I am looking forward to looking at it when I regain my strength.You are allowed 5 books and to me that is a gift, aren't good librarys the man ?
I have posted a few random images of work today that appealed to me.

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