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I am an artist living and working in the West of Ireland. I make drawings,clothes,ZINES and artists books,short films and beloved objects. I have a stall at the Saturday Galway Market (from early february approx through till the last saturday before christmas) ...... if you would like to contact me further please email queenjaneosullivan (at)gmail(dot)com Thanks for visiting !

Monday, November 30, 2009

midwinter light and treasures found in the cold morning of yesterday...

my peacock feathers projected for just a few seconds in the light ..m.a.g.i.c
amazing clothbound tiny book of persian poetry (naturally to be found in a carboot in the bleak west of Ireland no ?/my new favourite jug sweet
....the shadow held on beautifullly (peter pan)illustrated by Alice B. Woodward 1922
circus fuzzy felt !! memories....
I wish that I had bought this book only for this illustration ..a dream of roses and butterflies (costume design for the ballerina Adeline Genne)
...I had a lovely but busy day yesterday, here are some treasures that I found along the way.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

bright light....... bright star

still from Bright Star
The Killarney Cape
golden hands 1972
early this morning taken out my window as we drove down to the market (the poor flooded fields:(.....)
Its gone ! drawing that sold today as a present for an artists friend :)
two little cuties on my stall...appparently these ornaments originally would have had a tiny umbrella/dog on a chain attached to the hole , I put the tiny trees in for them (bless :)

I really really want to see this film by the suberb director (an angel at my table, the Piano) Jane Campion Bright Star about the doomed poet John Keats, you can see a bit of it here tragic,melancholic ,doomed,hauntingly beautiful......... what more do you need a well written review about it here............
unfortunately the cinema nearest us doesnt think we are sophisticated enough for any film that may be remotely challenging/quietly understated etc.....
I may have to travel down past flooded fields for two hours to get to the only cinema in the west of Ireland that is showing it....I MAY just have to....(after all its the least I could do )

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

drawing du jour.....

be true....
ink, pen and paper stars on board
golden hands craft magazine 1972
I spent my studio time today making a drawing that I am submitting to a show tommorow...I really enjoyed making it.
I love this skirt but...tent comes to mind if I was to make it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


smocked blouse
golden hands 1972
all that connects us is our tears

drawing I did today may like to click on it as its white ie.a BIT difficult to photograph
today I have spent a LONG time "researching"..... its my absolutely favourite thing, its very important you know :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

my fancy shoes, miffy's purse in readiness for the school bake sale and a drawing for a zine.......

just to keep the sing-song going....
I absolutely LOVE being a contributor to artists network tinderbox they are the sweetest bunch of people....we are making a zine :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

in and out like the little weather woman you see in those cute germanic ornaments.

....I dont know about where you are but we are having some seriously challenging winter weather.
It doesnt bother me much , as I love snuggling and I love being out in it aswell.
Yesterday was a complete joyful suprise and I couldn't settle to work so I headed off for a walk to the bog with zara.
It was fruitful , as are most intuitive moves, I took 80 photos of my shadow and had great fun capturing it as I walked really fast !
Sadly we couldnt go to the market today as there are floods on the way down . I am sorry for the people whose homes are under threat THAT I could not deal with. Stay warm and happy and productive x

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)**

song for edith holden (work in progress)

thank you to e.e cummings** ,edith holden, emily dickinson, and to all the people that I communicate with and that make it worth making art.x

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

right here right now...

miniature art works exhibition
this is part of my piece
your image that blossoms a rose in the deeps of my heart
ink on paper (9cmx7cm)
work in progress
ink and acrylic on paper
the stoneman c.1965
a romanian fairytale
illustrated by Angi Tiparescu
the cardigans I made last week,they are all made from second hand knitwear that I re-dye , felt and cut up ! together.
...I stayed up WAY too late trying to re-organize my studio and make some all important space.
Its getting there.......
I am looking forward to visiting this gallery the museum of everything on my next visit to england.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

pinnochio for elisabeth and some images from my market stall yesterday

....whenever someone expresses an interest in something on my stall or that I have made it adds magic to said object and if its part of my mass clearing out of images campaign such as vintage patterns!.....well, just one more photo and I let the person snatch it back :)eg rabbit,duck and ah hummmmmm penguin pattern (now going to be given as a birthday present) , how cute, sad am I !
The drawing is one from a while ago , but the sweetest girl is planning on saving up for it ...silly ass that I am, I;d nearly give it to her ....but I will hold my nerve :) She said that she can see icelandic imagery in it , which made me very interested as I am not sure what generated that drawing.
That is what I MOST love about making images (and finding random images for that matter) often they do not belong to us , but from a world much larger and more wonderful than we can ever imagine , if we stay attentive and present to its murmerings , we MIGHT just manage to catch a ride.
Glad to think that the set of 1982 vintage dress making patterns went to a lovely young woman who is attending a dressmaking course at fashion college....she will most certainly be THE envy of her classmates.
On friday I was in the charity shop from hell...a cross lady runs it , everything is more expensive than the shops and well , I still like to go in , just in case. .....this wonderful image of needlepoint is from a book in the shop.
The rest of the book was a bit tweeky (not great )...but you know me and deers :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

delighted to be included in this upcoming show of small works .Yay!
The gallery is in Gweedore Co.Donegal and it is called An Clachan
I will post some images as soon as I am able .
Have a lovely weekend :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

drawing du jour and a few little cute trinkets for a cold day

a ittle deer in the hand is worth so so much

...goodness it was a chilly one today .
I am going to make some nice cozy felted wool cardigans tommorow ,wool is so wonderful and I absolutely LOVE sewing into knitted wool with big happy embroidered flowers and other other such jollities.
I love this old 1970's 3D picture so much , I have to say it is one of my most favourite things in my studio ! ...I like thinking about the scene inside the frame , its actually a staged setting of animal toys and all the set ..trees etc must have been hand made and then the scene set and then photographed and ..and..and .........then made into special 3D plastic ?
( I think they did a lot of these type of things in Japan back then, as I have a pinnochio one too)....anyways I love it !

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

it rained ALL day yesterday, lots of wonderous things occured and today is filled with sunlight.........

the main event of the day CAME as the baby owls in martin waddells fantastic book the owl babies said "I knew she'd come ...."
my dear blogging friend artist Laura Ferrara sent me a painting which I have been eagerly awaiting and amazingly the one I swapped with her arrived on the SAME day !.
Well here it is propped up on my favourite couch , soon to be given pride of place on the wall above.
where the forest meets the sea
oil on canvas
this was handmade probably in the 1950-60's by my husbands uncle.I found it abandoned and knew it to be TREASURE,....just look at the tiny wooden feed tray.
today ....look at the light !
some of us just KNOW instinctfully just what to do when you cant get out the door :)
I love this book cover so much , the time spent to make it so interesting under a paper cover
....just back from a lovely cycle , I KNOW that I have work to do but sure isn't it all the one !
These are the images that arrested me this morning ,random as ever.
I am going up to my studio now to draw,draw,draw and see what is there ....I have to keep the later half of the week for making things for my little ol' market stall,so time is of the essence (patchouli if you are interested )
I hope you enjoy these images ,do leave a comment ,its so nice to hear them :)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

not much to say ...only that I saw a larch today and I am thankful for the winter sunlight

november sky spectacular OMG !
studio oasis of belovedness
vintage dress with a wool cape and fur bag that I made on the stall yesterday
me cycling regardless into the mean wind last friday
carbon copy drawing on my studio window on friday

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

drawing it all current work in progress

I am a little fragile right now, yet I feel mysteriously supported
ink on paper on lace mounted on cardboard
ink and markers on paper
learn tatting !
ink and marker on paper

as I said I am posting my new work up to help me to see it .....
I have to work in such a back to front way..cutting out bits ,adding etc. and then changing it all again , often prefering it back to front and on it goes !
I am so HAPPY and excited when I can make my work , it gets stored up and collected in my mind until I can stand it NO longer ......out it must come.