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Thursday, December 31, 2009

finding my way out of one year into a new one it this way ?

...I really have enjoyed the extreme weather that we have had this christmas in Ireland.
This is me two days ago , we were out with the dogs and trying to climb up a steep bank out of a lot of brambles when our neighbour caught us was very here I am wishing all my loyal friends a happy and jolly time.
Thanks for everything :)


annamaria potamiti said...

Wishing you a Happy Fun Fun New Year!
Annamaria xx

Jane O Sullivan said...

you too annamaria all the way :)

Laura said...

look at your lovely self with that wonderful smile! happy new year, jane. you give such a warm and bright light.

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Looks like you had fun!
Happy new year - let's make it a good one!

Ashlee said...

Wonderful - what a great picture!! Really made me smile :)

Happy New Year to you Jane - your blog has been a constant source of inspiration, it has such spirit! I'm looking forward to visiting in the coming year X

Jane O Sullivan said...

hi deb
hi ashlee ! thanks for your visits , heres to a super new year !

Ester Kiely said...

Happy New Year Jane! I missed my internet for a few weeks as I was cut off before Christmas. But I'm enjoying catching up now and seeing what you've been up to. Lovely stuff as usual! Looking forward to chatting with you in 2010! Es

at swim-two-birds said...

happy new year Jane!! you're looking cute in that bush :)

It's just a Monday said...

What a great blog!

Happy New Year :)

Fiendish said...

Happy New Year! Here's to much new blogging in 2010!

PS No I didn't see Gormenghast, although I'm going to go YouTube it now.

PPS I love your fur hat in this post!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you so much dropping by and leaving your comments makes blogging worthwhile :)