Sunday, December 27, 2009

looking back...

the fantastic laura owens
dolls house by jessie m king
for sassetta (a book I made in 2007)
photo drawing by me probs 2006-7
altered book 2007 we are virtually trapped within our house ...roads are totally frozen, I am doing nothing you can imagine , nothing meaning something , the shadow side of life.
I am enjoying being inside , everyone is very occupied and I have had time to meander.
Today I was looking through some old photographs,some images still feel relevent and totally connected to where I think I am now .
I hope you enjoy this little retrospective.
part two to follow !


pennycones said...

Beautiful images here. The book you made looks amazing.

I too like being stuck inside :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you pennycones and welcome to my blog :)