Tuesday, December 08, 2009

its a funny old time of the year.....

.....been well sick :(
also I am missing drawing a lot but I have to be patient ,because right now I am very busy at home and with my market , with only 3 more chances to make our fortune :)
Its funny how important my blog has become , as a repositrary for so much.
This is my imediate snatched visual surroundings , the forest that is around me ,so to speak....I await the call of the wind ,or the glimpse of a deer to show me my way forward.


Chapter 9 said...

Oh, you are as beautiful as your work! X

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks ashlee....ALL compliments accepted here :)
have a great day

Fine Little Day said...

I agree, beautiful. So nice to see you Jane. And I like that candy necklace on the mirror.