Tuesday, December 15, 2009

vintage christmas decorations

...as I mentioned in my last post , I was in the museum of country life at the weekend ....it is part of the national museum of Ireland and it is a fantastic place to visit being not too far from us.
The museum has three floors of country artefacts ,handmade everything ..and because its christmas , at the front they had a little exhibition about how christmas was years ago.
I love the humbleness of these decorations ....its amazing that they have survived at all.I recently bought some very old enormous paper globe decorations and I am looking forward to putting them into a project that I have in mind for the new year.
It seems that we all like to decorate our homes , even if it is very simply.....(do you remember the discovery I made about how goldfinches decorate their nests/homes ?)


Laura said...

so lovely jane- i especially love the old box with the lights... the circles are wonderful. thank you for sharing:)

Jane O Sullivan said...

you are very welcome laura :)

Fine Little Day said...

That seem so be a museum worth visiting. Just lovely decorations.