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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

feeling my way into january all seems so epic

today as I rushed out into the new snow
the lovely miss tiddleywink from over the fields coming for her seasonal visit
the second field away from our bottom field...over a stream,isn't it just like a storybook.......
on my birthday on the 3rd of january...I had a magical walk with my beloved (and our two dogs)...discovered these green velvet trees in a copse where the dogs lead us to
in the storybook field is a derelict cottege and this lovely saucer was under some old straw...signifying new growth I feel :) it is from arklow pottery c.1940-50
....just in case anyone was concerned , I am now out of the bush and trying not to loose my (mind)....... initial good humour.
The schools are off for even longer now because of the snow and it feels so hard to find the serenity I need to make some new work tho ... and I really want to.
I keep reading the words I found on dear Renildes blog,I am sure that she would not mind if I shared them here.

while keeping still and silent
doing nothing,
spring will come and grass will grow
all by itself

I am loving all this weather,and getting out into it. It is epic "normal" life has been halted , our silly little disorganised country is not capable of managing the roads etc, etc, everything is difficult to get to , to do...can you believe our minister of the environment has been away on holiday while the whole country is in need of salt for the roads, it is so embarresing :(
BUT........It has made me focus more on my imediate surroundings finding magic here and next field even.
I do love this time ,it feels like it is slipping away , when the snow melts ...when I can no longer let one day go into another ...when I need to make sense of something....that will happen soon enough x


Hannah Sadie said...

Such pretty pictures! I love the quote in the first one.

nath said...

oh but Jane! snow! you have snow! we have none. we must be the only place for quite a distance. and they promised that we would.

it was Paul's birthday on Sunday too, we didn't find velvet trees, only pools of ice to slip and slide on. and a very naughty chocolate cake that Iris and i made, it had an entire pat of butter in it.

enjoy this out of time time, becuase real life is sure to start soon, soon, soon!


Laura said...

happy birthday dear jane! i know what you mean about the long school holiday... it is hard to be patient when ideas are streaming and rushing through ones head... beautiful photos and a wonderful quote.

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello and welcome hannah....yep marina warner is very inspiring
nath...I know , I know ...but you know ....
that was the king of all cakes! hello to fellow capricorn paul :)
the snow is my friend
hello dear laura , wish you could call round for tea :)I knew you would like that quote (ritva)

Fine Little Day said...

O happy belated birthday Jane! Hope you had a sweet day filled with nice food and happy feelings :)
Snow, we are enjoying every minute of it here too.

Unknown said...

How strange Jane - just decided to glimpse at your blog only to discover you have the same birthday as my little sister! Happy belated birthday! Photos are beautiful! This big freeze is providing lots of lovely scenes! The frozen lakes are unreal! Xx love to your beloved.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks women...( I believe one must celebrate ones birthday and welcome the changes it may bring)
thanks elisabeth :)
a special welcome to heather , good luck and keep up the blogging now you have started'll love it !
Glad to hear my fellow artists praising the weather we are having and being grateful for it while all the "grown ups" in the country are in a major panic\deppression ) not us no n.e.v.e.r.

annamaria potamiti said...

Happy Belated Birthday ! How lovely your pictures are- no wonder you are full of inspiration even if you can't yet find the peace and quiet to work with it. But you are in the midst of collecting lovely images in your head now and that is something so valuable too...Just like it says in that small poem ,how true it is. We stress too much- we should let things grow at their own pace!
Annamaria xx

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks annamaria...I know you are right

Ritva said...

beautiful photos!