Monday, December 14, 2009

w.a.l.k.i.n.g. i.n. a. w.o.n.d.e.r.l.a.n.d

my studio wall
mirror tree yesterday at the museum of country life to follow on vintage christmas decorations
gauze embroidery
studio wall
a very overcrowded gathering !

....hey everyone :) are you all doing ?
Me ...well I am fine (no really , I am !)
I have been very busy making clothes and hats to sell on my stall , had my folks over from england and I have been coughing for the WHOLE of Ireland. I seriously thought I was going to be thrown out of a supermarket when I couldnt stop !
Its lovely and frosty and tommorow morning ,I am taking my spectaculars(rather fancy clothes made in the last few weeks)....down to the woods to photograph, I'll post them up then.
I hope you enjoy these few images of my world right now ...have a good week and have fun too :)


Laura said...

love the ornament with the word fragile behind it. wonderful images of your world jane-looking forward to seeing the "spectaculars"!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks laura...isnt the web fantastic !
yep , I like that piece too , its a fairly random thing I made ages ago , but there is something in , for sure

Fine Little Day said...

That looks like a cool creature you have there. Half blue half yellow.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks for your visit elisabeth..and your observations :)
this bear was rescued by me , when I found it thrown out....its so
Guess what ! ..the poodle drawing that you saw ,was made from an image that i found via a link from you ! ....sharing the love .
have a good week