Monday, May 25, 2009

new work is coming....

above images are my work of the last two days in extremely "rough (but I am so glad I got something down) form"
gouache on gessoed board
Thanks be to goodness, I am a great believer in the energies of the moon, and yes , the new moon came yesterday and with it some assistance with making a start on something new.
Oh Lordy , it can be tricky to make work when there is an outside pressure of an iminent last assesment looming.(not to mention hoopla stand of a graduation show OMG )
I want to continue with my work not just because I have completed a degree at long last in fine art ,but because I only know that I know nothing.

Below is a wonderful quote I read today and it sums up just how I feel.....

The goal is not to have a goal.
John Cage

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nath said...

can't wait to see this peacock! X