Monday, May 11, 2009

drawing and writings du jour

ink and ribbon and carbon on board
click on the image below ,I know its v.hard to see it small (sorry !)

work in progress (all that connects us is our tears)
white ink and acrylic on tissue
I am using a lot of white ink at the mo , and I have to say it is a nightmare to photograph, I guess that might have something to do with using extremely light blue underneath.but I am happy with this image in the real world.Hope its nice and warm where you are , doesn,t it make you feel loved ,cozy and calmer? (it does me anyhow.)


nath said...

beautiful Jane! I love the white ink drawing, reminds me a little of that image (white on yellow) I posted a little while back..

Jane O Sullivan said...

nath...thanks ,yes I loved that image ,it appealed to me BIG TIME