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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

my sunny may day (yay!)

....Today was a beauuuuuutiful day ,and I have recorded it, the shadows were amazing ,it is very rare to have a day like this in the unpredictable (petulant) Irish climate , so records need to be procurred you see.....
what you see is my daily walk, (its around a lovely bogland over the road from where I live) but in mary poppins technicolour sunlight...yes !
oh ,if you are interested my dogs are called zara (beddlington terrier) and towser (whippet),when I got home, I am in the garden painting on some grounds for some soon to be fantastic paintings (true) as usual I got a bit carried away with the shadows that kept appearing on my boards and then I got excited about how lovely the shapes were....well they are shapes that are magical because if the sun wasn,t there they wouldnt have appeared..........hope you are all getting out into the day wherever you are , we are blessed x


Shelky Bean said...

so aiden did get the 'dag' then!
hes lovely, and zara looks happy with the canine company!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos,beautiful pooches and beautiful Ireland! Those stone walls take me right back to clambering over them during childhood hols!