Monday, May 18, 2009

does work change over the years ?

all above work 2003-4
I wasn't looking at my work properly for a long time, I sort of peeked at it sometimes but mostly disowned it and kept moving on to the next thing to do. I must say that as I have started to see the work as a whole,like a map,a connected body of directions...... its easier to see what is working and what is just distraction,or temporary.
I have been looking back at my old work as I prepare for my iminent degree show ,and although I will not be including it ,as it is too removed from my current concerns,I do feel it has some interest in its subject matter. I may revisit some elements of this work ,I like drawing so much and I feel I have a lot more that I can say in this medium.
I have mixed feelings about studying for so long , the part-time aspect is extremely time consuming ,for me over 7 years omg ! ..and its frustrating because while I know that I am fully immersed in my work and it feels extremely real ,it remains largely hidden.
Art is a strange affliction, I cannot stop ,it has meaning for me, but maybe very little meaning outside of me (a fear at times ,at others an acceptance) I don't know ,I will keep on going until the wheels fall of the cart and try to get better at what it is I have chosen to do.


nath said...

that's so eloquent and interesting. i love that you see the work as a map. it's like life then i guess. one thing leads to another....

Jane O Sullivan said...

nath-yep , thats how I feel, its like finding your way in the dark and it involves a lot of trust and risk and its never how you imagine it may be !