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Monday, May 04, 2009

it maybe winter outside...

I am on the back of that pink horse like NOW OKAY ?

cute case , its like it was never used ,or very carefully ,if at all

Junior Typewriter Lilliput toys. Gillingham,Kent 1975
(if anyone has any info , they seemed to have made a lot of tin type toys , like robots , some are on ebay , I think the company closed down in the early 1990,s , but I cannot find out anything else, I am praying hard to get some fresh typewriter ribbon , as the one in it is dried up (duh ! is like 34 years old.) It takes half inch standard black/red manual ribbon , it says MK.V on the back of the spool case. I want to type silly things on the front of little hand made books,etc ,ooooohhh I can,t wait !

cute bookplates for squirrel lovers

poodles writing set , I didn,t know that poodles could write ,huh ?

......what a day ! It could not have been anymore cold,overcast and generally horrible !,but I still managed a walk with the dogs and a cycle.I went to the monthly carboot sale, last weekend ,and I must say that I was blessed with some really inspiring finds . I will get great mileage out of them for my work ,but one little problem...I need some half inch standard typewriter ribbon for my typewriter, any ideas, cant,seem to get it round here , if anyone can send me some , that,d be cool.


nath said...

oh! the book plates!

Jane O Sullivan said...

I,ll keep one for you ,funny how you had bookplates mentioned too, have you noticed that often there seems a swathe of posts(say on your fave blogs ) about ..bluebells or butterflies or something more obscure , my eye sees them and thinks ..well its a little serendipitous and totally great !

Unknown said...

hi my name is Sorcha (im from Ireland)
i was just wondering did you ever get ink for that type writer?
because i got one recently and really want ink for it...
i dont even have a dried up roll =[
could you email me back??
thanks a million