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Sunday, January 23, 2011

a loverly day ❁ lovely day ❁❁❁ lovely day ❁❁❁❁..a lovely day :)

margot dreaming of the moon
new new new work in progress❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁

was SO good to have a little trip with my dear friend shelly yesterday ....our sole purpose being me taking her to the divine meet you here cafe run in the unlikely location of ballaghadereen.
well not only did the cafe give us plenty of renewed energy but so did the little town (we had such fun for a few hours)
I love nothing more than to wander aimlessly , it always frees up my mind and then I get really clear connections pinging in that I have to hurriedly write down.
I wish everyone a busy and enjoyable week :)

intelligent clashing
the amazing miss julia pott


Ritva said...

something new in progress!
that´s great!
you always surprise me with your work- i really enjoy it!
i had a lovely working day as well :)

see you!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you for letting me know this ritva :)
it means a lot (right now)

Laura said...

happy middle of the week! it all looks so wonderful. cafes + drawings=true love:)

Jane O Sullivan said...

yes you are right dear laura , so glad you popped in , would you like a slice of cake ?

Laura said...

i would! with sugar on top,please:)

Julia da Franca said...

little trips with friends are the best!
thank you for sharing dear jane. edith holden arrived here yesterday... can't wait to dive into her world, while its so grrrrrrh outside. xx, julia said...

I like these peeps in to yours Jane. I want to see more of that spurce. Happy thursday :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello elisabeth , I am glad that you like your visits because I love my visits to you :)
do you mean spruce ? as in the green fern drawing at the top of this post ? said...

Hi Jane, oh spruce yes, that's the one. Love it!