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Thursday, January 13, 2011

searching for light and finding it

the series britain in pictures was published in 1941 and was done to boost morale and ensure certain aspects of life were preserved, read here for more information ...I love the design and colours of them and the information within is so interestingly presented.I have a few more but on saturday was delighted to add the music halls and fair book and english women by edith sitwell.

dear tom thumb from the book below

notice my favourite new broach that I got in Dublin last week in a lovely vintage shop called om diva ,it is enamelled metal and I LOVE swallows

with the girls back at school now and the market over for a while I feel it maybe soon time enough to make some new work.
I am of course looking forward to the opening of my part in the group show songs and questions tonight but I am really feeling the need to go into my work in some other way ....deeper , simpler ,not sure yet but it has led me to where I am now and now I feel I want to go on .
I search endlessly for clues and I see them in my imediate vicinity , last week the beautiful rainbow, my magical day on my own in Dublin where I added to my book collection and visited the suberb douglas hyde gallery to catch the last day of the jockum nordström show.
I am cycling again as the roads thaw and the energy this stirs up of good feelings is a song to me .
I want to thank again all of you who have encouraged my work and let you know that when I feel directionless I can always remember that you are my everyday life , my virtual life and in my imagined life which to me have always been one in the same ;)

oh by the way ....
so so glad that dear ritva is blogging again
such beauty within her blog lumetta


Shelky Bean said...

You can go anywhere from here :)
And I can't wait to see where you go...what you find...and what lovely spaces/places/people/and magical-ness you create along your journey xxx

Jane O Sullivan said...

dear shelly so happy am I to have your companionship thank you ✯♡❅

Julia da Franca said...

jane!!! HOW WAS THE OPENING!!!!??
your words about your work, about getting deeper in it, where to go etc. seem to come right out of my heart/brain!
and i lovelovelove edit sittwell and the work of mister nordström, but i'm a little bit more in love with his wife karin mamma andersson...
hugs, julia

Jane O Sullivan said...

yeah mamma anderson is the business !
I love her work too , the opening was fantastic and I will post up some images from it later today.
thank you for your interest julia , good luck with the direction of your work too ....the work tells us where to go , if we are quite and listen to it :)

Ritva said...

i love swallows too!

and yes, you- thank you, you are too sweet! said...

Oh, such book treasures Jane!