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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

some random out takes that just seem to express how I am feeling

film still
this is not the end only the begining
4:26mins looped digital video film
part of a song for edith
my beech trees
older brighter work
watercolour on old book
some older work that I still love :)
watercolour on glass

I was drawing today....... were two of my girls ♡♡
I just had too, it was the full moon and it cant be avoided on a full moon.
I always feel happier when I am drawing .


Shayna said...

It is so wonderful that you are honoring Edith Holden ... as a teenager I had her "Country Diary" and I loved it so ... still do. Your images and artwork are exquisite, Jane!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello shayna
thank you for your thoughts and I am delighted to hear from you again !

Laura said...

wasn't the moon extraordinary??? lovely and tender as always.

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello laura dear , yes it was , drawing down the moon as I literally was ....depending on her energy to help me make a start :)
lovely to hear from you .

Julia da Franca said...

dear jane, i ordered edith's country diary yesterday.
how she died made me cry... and for sure, she would love you! xo, julia

Ritva said...

what a beautiful post again!

let´s enjoy working!
take care,

Jane O Sullivan said...

oh julia ( I hope she would )
thats amazing that you got the book !
and I think of her being so happy in nature ...she died in nature too ...sad yes , but amazing too.

ritva , thank you and yes I want to enjoy my work even though I do not know what I am doing at the moment ,I am trying to trust it :)