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Monday, January 03, 2011

hand made love.....................(my birthday was today and I am smiling)

some of my presents :)
me THIS MORNING lying atop of the heather up on our local mountain in the sun :)
I have been totally spoilt the last two days ! it was my birthday today but yesterday was the start of it lots of lovely memories of friends and family and their love for me.
I am truelly blessed , what a lovely start to the new year !

we are always at the
begining of things
in the fragile moments
that holds the power
of life.
we are always at the
morning of the world

francois cheng
extract from Heartland

thank you Pat for transcribing these lovely words into my birthday card..... which I share now on my blog xx

Do you like markets as much as me ?
well , you may enjoy this funny (to me) 1950's film about the london markets narrated by the iconic Sid James.


Damien said...

Happy Birthday Jane! ...and a belated Happy New Year ...and an even more belated Happy Christmas!! Hope you had a lovely festivities

bb said...

Happy happy happy birthday Jane, to the woman and the artist !!! True and encouraging words, and great picture of you, brings me completely back to me lying in Irish heather :)))

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello damien many thanks good luck to you this year :)
hello barbara , thank you for your kind words and memories of you too in the heather ! good wishs for you the woman and the artist this coming year :)

Laura said...

happy happy happy birthday to the most lovely woman in the world:)
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo laura

Julia da Franca said...

happy birthday dear snowqueen, well at the moment more a heatherqueen! i wish you all the best, may all your wishes come true! xox, julia

denise nestor said...

Happy birthday jane! :)

Ritva said...

happy happy birthday!
hugs and kisses!

Jane O Sullivan said...

dear laura julia and denise your wishs and warm thoughts are heard and much appreciated :)