Wednesday, February 02, 2011

you can never hold back spring and being generally mesmerised ❁❁❁❁❁❁❁❁

ink on paper
jan-feb 2011

so its february all ready !
I am in love all over again with mary poppins , everything about her makes sense to me :)
The film is giving me loads of ideas.
The bird woman in the film mary poppins is a character that I am especially mesmerised with at the moment.
Look at her in this film clip.

feed the birds

I saw a hare on monday , it was nearly white because of the recent adverse weather ......have we all turned white too ??

I am amazed that it is february, although it still is definately wintertime here and I am still enjoying hibernation (with occasional forrays for food and light)
The group show finishes this saturday at 3pm if anyone reading this still has time to go , but I understand if you cannot .
I have been enjoying looking into new corners for my work in progress far I am not sure where it is going .....but I trust it
I hope that all are well out there .
* enjoy
* love
* smile
* make amazing work
* and most importantly


tom waits singing
you can never hold back spring


Richael said...

This is a lovely happy post Jane...Made me smile **lots** to myself

Jane O Sullivan said...

I am glad that you see its happiness richael , because you are a huge part of that for me :)

Laura said...

hooray! what an uplifting post. i love the bird woman too, she was always my favorite:) happy spring!

Julia da Franca said...

i'm in love with the temperance painting!
very beautiful. xx julia

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you both
laura (happy spring)
julia , both your comments mean a lot to me

Ritva said...

i believe!
hugs and kisses!