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Friday, October 01, 2010

opening *

film still
the rose tree house

A song For Edith
-is an installation of drawings with a film element-
it is my desire to set up a poetic space for re-imagining Edith Holdens life and tragic death.
So little is known of this artist and naturalist who is eternally connected to the well known publishing phenomenon The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady.
The diary was found by her great niece in the 1970s (fifty years after Ediths tragic death whilst only in her 40,s)
She has always held a personal fascination with me and seems to accompany me on my own journey as an artist.
When I recently discovered that she died of drowning by falling into the river Thames at Kew (whilst reaching out for some chestnut branches to draw) she became marked indeliably in my mind.
My own work is rooted in the expression of personal and fleeting moments in the time between the life we are in and the life we would like to be in.
The site of my investigation rests firmly within the space between these worlds.

I am tired tired tired....but feel relieved that last night went well.
It is very special to see my work up in a good space and people looking at it , that is all I could wish for .
Now I hope that I will be able to keep making work :)
Thank you to all who came and left lovely comments in my book and that let me know they will visit the show next week.
Also thank you to the visual arts committee (ian caroline and breda xx) who invited me to show , therefore validating what I do.


bb said...

It looks so wonderful !! And what a proud and happy artist on that picture ! :-) I wish you many moments and meetings and memories to cherish. The second film still I really love, this woman swaying these magical things in her hands and the bird in the air, so 'invoking'

Jane O Sullivan said...

hey thanks very much for your sweet comments , I appreciate them very very much barbara and I wish you a simply wonderous weekend :)

Julia da Franca said...

hello jane,
thank you for your visit and words!
it seems that another comment got lost in space...
but now I can read and see on your face, that
your opening went well!
thank you for sharing.

Ester Kiely said...

These photos look great. I hope to get to Westport soon to see it. Glad the opening went well

Laura said...

I love 'The Rose Tree House.' The colours are so beautiful and the figues look so magical. L x

Jane O Sullivan said...

I am so glad that you do dear laura would see it x

denise nestor said...

congratulations on the show jane, your work looks amazing. I only wish I could make it to westport in time to see it in person. I hope you're feeling happy with it all, you should be, such a great achievement :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

denise I am !
I have to say ,the space was so good for my work , it got fair play know , you have seen bits of it already but this time I felt I honoured it as a body of work with its narrative ,the room for it to breathe .Now I must make new work , work developing on from edith and that is a bit scary .
It has been a confirmation for me that my work is of some value to others outside of me and that has been the biggest buzz.....meeting lovely people like you and actually engaging with other like minded souls ....I LOVE it.
The show is on sunday aswell , not listed as ...but 12-6pm and then its finished.