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Thursday, October 21, 2010

yellow leaves smiling at me, life drawings and life........

Pat my best friend who I visited this week (love her)
below are the saved life drawings from tuesday

I am going to visit my folks over the pond tommorow , myself and Blathnaid , we are looking forward to it very much.
I will post some nice things on my return or even while I am over there as this time I am bringing leads and stuff :)
I wish all my lovely blog friends the very best ,isnt autumn (fall) magical oh.....sigh that is really me smiling at the yellowness of today (bless my innocence!!))

lovely lovely website of u.k illustrator etc mr nick white


Shelky Bean said...

love the images in this update. Pat looks so natural and lovely framed in her door...and the 'unworked' life drawings are my fave <3

Julia da Franca said...

have good and happy times dear jane!!
I like your life drawings oh so much!
and yes, its wonderful to create kind of dream world
with art.I love to do that. but the best moments for me, are the "non thinking" moments...

annamaria potamiti said...

Love the figure drawings-have fun x

Laura said...

beautiful jane! you are beautiful:)

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks for all your lovely lovely comments :)
my life drawings appreciate your kind attentions richael ,julia and annamaria.
Laura (blush) xx