Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hope (as promised and as needed always xx) Ken Kiff/pretty biscuits dyptych (just because) and work in progress

I love the back of this drawing , hand drawing posted the both sides a few days ago take a look and see which one you like :D
this book is my favourite inspiration du jour
ken would have loved these biscuits if he were still alive , my youngest daughter had a birthday party last week.
Richael Carroll
Richael installing her piece on monday

Richael has made a beautiful work which is to the right of mine in the exhibition.
She is a dear friend who graduated this year from textile desigh\fine art and I am delighted that she has a piece of work in the INVITED show which as you know if you have been paying attention opens tommorow at 6pm !!
I think she has made a great use of the available space for her piece hope

cendrine my dear collaborator has just launched a lovely artists book !
It is called Le tissage de la forĂȘt,


Cendrine Rovini said...

I'm thinking to you this eve of the Invited Show oppening, and, once again, I tell you that I would have liked to be present ! :)
Also, thank you so much for talking about my fanzine, you are un amour ! :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

my dear , thank you !
I am a little nervous and still have a lot to do,and I WISH that you could be there :(