Thursday, October 07, 2010

thank you everyone X........... thank you world X

emerging from the freezing cold but fantastic abandoned garage that held our show.
my treasured comments book
film still

~I was at the exhibition yesterday and it was wonderful to get a chance to look at the other artists work.
Myself and richael looked after the gallery and in the evening went to the glorious french cirque trottola .......pure magic ;)

I have to say I feel very very lucky to have so many people wishing me well , thank you to all who were able to visit my show
a song for edith,who emailed and sent texts ! who left lovely comments on my blog and who gave me the much appreciated encouragement to go on .
This year has been a very important one for me , the one in which I finally emerged !!
For one who was put on to a special table for slow eaters at school, it figures that I take my time (its ok , I am not permenantly damaged about being labelled a slow eater :) )
I have met through my blog, through tinderbox ,flickr,hand drawing, through college...... some monumental artists too numerous to mention , some I am still in contact with and I thank them all, for their braveness and their doggedness and their work.
I specially thank those fleeting connections, I heard you .
Its like an oscars speech this !
Anyway a song for edith comes down this sunday @ 6pm :(.....I have to reflect a little , and develop stuff more for my solo show next may 2011. at the custom house gallery.
I havent a CLUE as to what to do ! but thats ok.


ArtSparker said...

There's sort of postmodern crofter thing going on in the top photo of you emerging from the garage. I like it...

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello susan
its so so lovely to receive such a comment
I like it .....