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Friday, October 15, 2010


some of my life drawings from my life drawing class tuesday........ that I feel have maybe something (life ?) in them.

I find life drawing very hard and it makes me feel humble to my means of drawing when I look around me and there are big expressive charcoal studies , correct looking drawings etc....but I know I can only make what I am able to do and lately I am begining to realise thats all any one can do (its humble and truthful and if it is lucky to have a smidge of life within it .....I am happy (for a while !)


Ester Kiely said...

I'm like these drawings too. And here's the one else can do what you do! You are the only one who can express you!
Keep doing exactly what you do.....I'm enjoying seeing the results!

Leena said...

Your drawingss and beautiful!

bb said...

Hi Jane :-) I did a lot of life drawing at school - but I don't feel it ever helped me to make the work I want to make - which is "soul drawing".
Yes I know those impressive charcoal studies :))) but you know, they don't give me anything.
The soul has its own language, it may speak of dreams and trees and deer and rivers - and this may be anatomically not so correct but full of life, touching, evoking.
Nevertheless my admiration to you because you go to life drawing class. I love the third drawing, the woman lying on the map. Very soulful expression in that beautiful broad face.

Jane O Sullivan said...

ester thanks :)
leena thanks to you !
barbara I like the challenge once I loose myself and make the work my own.....your thoughts are interesting , thanks for sharing them with me.

Fine Little Day said...

I do like the feeling I get when I haven't been here for a while - positive energy and a lot of tempting eye candy. (Get it when I'm here more frequent as well of course) Thanks Jane :)!

Jane O Sullivan said...

lovely to hear from you elisabeth and you are always welcome to drop by , specially with such lovely comments as yours :)

Julia da Franca said...

dear jane,
I like the drawings so so very much and I love the one on the map!
life drawing is pure fun and super special brain training at the same time!
have a good, creative, happy new week!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks julia and I wish you a very fufilling week :)

Sarah Bowie said...

Hi Jane - I think your drawings are beautiful and have a real sensitivity about them. You've reminded me though, I should go back to life drawing myself for a while - it's been a couple of years at least!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello sarah ,lovely to hear from you .
Thanks , I feel a real struggle with them , but it is worth it hey , even if one feels ok.
I do hope you are putting a song drawing in to tinderbox multiple project (do try)
Your work is super !