Monday, October 04, 2010

resting and feeling in betweeny

I have a lovely old leather briefcase full of drawings from the last two or three years , which I place in a quiet space on my saturday market stall just in case.....
and sometimes people do actually pull one out and buy it .
I always think that this is very sensitive of them because to see the drawings in and amongst all the vintage china , handmadeness and all very special for me .
This little pierrot lady has been hidden under the pile of drawings by a woman who is hoping to get it next week .
I will let you know :)

I need this locket !!
I ♥ Grayson Perry

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nath said...

coo. nice things. i love Grayson Perry too, we went to The Charms of Lincolnshire exhibition and it was wonderful. he's so clever and irreverent.

if you do want the embroidery transfers, i have a little bag of them, then it'll be £5 inc p&p. hope that's okay? normally i would probably just send them to you, but i spent rather a lot you see. you can paypal it to me if you want them! XX