Thursday, June 03, 2010

treasure hunting and making

you will need to click click on the clothes to really see them :)

love the colours in this book cover

Aesops Fables (Paul Hamlyn 1965)
illustrated by A.& M Provensen I mentioned , I found lots of beautiful old cups and plates (last sunday) to sell on my market stall and here are some images of them .
I love the colours and patterns in them and people enjoy the connection to the past when they recognise the decorations from their grandmother or themselves.
I also feel it is time for my work to get out into the world and me to be brave , that is why I am showing off the c.d I made for my proposed show A Song For Edith Holden it would be 9-15 drawings and a looped 80 second film .
It makes me feel sick with anxiety being so honest......but sure what the hell !!
You can also see some alchemy spectaculars hanging there on grannys old greenhouse door .
I re-made these clothes from older linen dresses and applied vintage linen tea towels as an integral part of the whole.
Kinda pleased with them :)


nath said...

pretty things. i have that book and love it, i love the Provensens.

Shayna Prentice said...

Loveliness, Jane! Your cd cover is grand ... I would love to see your show. And your "alchemy spectaculars" - !!!, truly - I sell at the market this weekend, your posts always inspire me!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks nath and shayna ,good to hear from you and good luck selling shayna :)

Ritva said...

well done, jane!
would love to see your show!

Laura said...

love it all. and, jane, you have nothing to fear. your work is stellar.

Jane O Sullivan said...

bless you a thousand million times dear laura thank you :)

Ester Kiely said...

Lovely stuff! I particularly like the tea-towels added in!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks ester hope you well :)