Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy summer solstice dudes :)

felicity has this now

I really enjoyed my market stall on saturday.
Josephine an ethereal (yet incrediably serious) wisp fell in love with and went off with a skirt that I was very pleased with, it was the colour (faded naples yellow)` and the lightness of the silk organza .she was a absolute dote :)hello josephine , it was so special to meet you !
Also the lovely french glass coffee cups went , sorbet sort of colours and quite perfect.
Mostly it was just an appreciation from people of what I do , it was a special day and selling a drawing capped the day (hello jessica and katie :)
I enjoyed playing post offices making up some little slips of old paper to give to nice people , when they ask about my work.
I cannot bear those official corporate type business cards yuk ...I 'd rather give nothing.
I am praying for focus this week as I attempt to edit some film footage into my current body of work.
The weather is very inviting and I am easily distracted but it has to be done this week.
At the end of July I am going to be in a group show with some of my ex. degree classmates.
B.T.W. alchemy is what I call anything on my stall which has been magic-ed into something other


nath said...

ooooh lovely. i really like those little stamped scraps and the skirt - (hasn't she got a pretty top-knot?) all the colours are so soft and pretty.

happy summer solstice to you too dearest jane XXX

Jane O Sullivan said...

she certainly had nath !
it was great how that skirt went so well with the coffee cups, colours of long ago , I like seeing them again .

Laura said...

happy summer solstice! lovely.

Ester Kiely said...

That skirt is perfect on Josephine. Lots of lovely things to look at on your blog as usual!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks so much ester good to hear from you :)