Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my innerworld outside part one

ink marker watercolour and oil pastel on waxed paper

in order of viewing

1 *new drawing finished today ,was in enraptured with it and didn't realise that it was 1 am this morning and I was feeling totally energised , now I am not so sure :)

2 *lace curtain I saw from the car , when I stopped at the traffic lights , love the lace design and the pink wall (natch)

3 *linnet and nightingale from a little pack of cards I got at the last carboot sale.(Birds of `Britain by Frederick Warne c.1940's)


Laura said...

be sure,jane. magnificent work. truly stunning.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks laura

Ritva said...

hi jane,
it´s my mom, isn´t it!
such a beautiful work!

Jane O Sullivan said...

yes ritva !
well done , I was hoping that you would see it , its ok huh ? ( I hope that I asked you , I mean I think I did xx)
it is special for me , that you like it )

holly aka golly said...

I love your inner world, Jane! Lovely!

Jane O Sullivan said...

:) holly

Ritva said...

i like it a lot!
and yes you did :)
thank you that you were interested <3
i feel it´s so special that this is possible- my mother when she was a young girl- and now you, painting her after all these years- she is still alive!
thank you, very much!

Ritva said...

ps. if you would like to know, irma was her name :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you ritva and thank you irma ♡♡

Sophie Munns said...

Gorgeous painting Jane... so lovely and beautifully done!