Wednesday, June 23, 2010

out takes have me mesmerised and enchanted

......oh oh oh oh
I am taking a break from the i.n.s.a.n.e. world that is making films (albeit very humble home made ones)
I made a small film to show with my degree show last year and I was hooked.
I felt that it added another dimension to my work .
So I am doing it again with all my years of collected film footage .
It is THE most exciting/frustrating medium.
I am in the slow slow process of assembling my a song for edith holden film to be part of my almost ready for the world solo show (which as we speak of most re-assuringly nobody seems to want......yet )
Here are some fuzzy odd bits , bits I lost , deleted , re-found and re-fell in love with .
Please say some special words to the universe for me , that I may get edith out into the open at sometime , in this life :)

I love this blog and look at this film (oh so wow !)


Laura said...

special words spoken. and i love the second clip/photo-like a carvaggio. beautiful.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks laura
I always look forward to your visits :)