Tuesday, June 29, 2010

fennecs and foxgloves

I got some drawings resolved today and fitted in a super long cycle,it was a lovely sunny morning even though it looks a bit overcast in the photograph , the light was amazing :)
We are going away for a little break on sunday and I am looking forward to it.
I found a lovely old book from the 1940's called the bear and his relations of which this above photo is from .
They are fennecs , the worlds smallest foxes ! (love 'em)


Laura said...

the drawings blow me away. in a good, very good way. and the book-well the title alone is a dream.

Fine Little Day said...

Oh the small foxes looks like a distant relative to our cat.

Love these drawings of yours Jane. So sensitive.

Jane O Sullivan said...

oh laura (thank you)...please dont blow away too far :)
elisabeth, thank you for your visit ,my drawings are happy to hear from you both

Ritva said...

hi jane,
you make me happy!

hugs from finland :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

you are most welcome my dear ritva x