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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

drawing it all current work in progress

I am a little fragile right now, yet I feel mysteriously supported
ink on paper on lace mounted on cardboard
ink and markers on paper
learn tatting !
ink and marker on paper

as I said I am posting my new work up to help me to see it .....
I have to work in such a back to front way..cutting out bits ,adding etc. and then changing it all again , often prefering it back to front and on it goes !
I am so HAPPY and excited when I can make my work , it gets stored up and collected in my mind until I can stand it NO longer ......out it must come.


Laura said...

very breathtaking, jane.

Ashlee said...

Your work is beautiful :)

I understand completely the feeling of having all that work stored up inside waiting to be released!
I get fustrated; I find it quite hard to get much done with the 3 kids, and lack of studio space!
It's a lovely kind of freedom when I do manage it!
Thanks for your comment - lovely to find a fellow Kieslowski lover!

Jane O Sullivan said...

laura....thank you :)
ashlee ....also thanks for your comment , they both mean a lot to me ....
it is hard ,I know , but the alternative for me is harder, even when I manage to do a bit of work , it rewards me SO much ...time seems to expand,life has more connection ,more meaning , I feel like I am honouring something which has no value ...only when it appears and even then it may fail....but as artists we must take that blind journey every day ....into the land of NOsense :)

The Art Cupboard said...

dear these are wonderful, i love the lightness of your pieces

Ester Kiely said...

I love the delicacy of these pieces. I think the ink on lace looks great. I'm enjoying seeing what you are working on.

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks to the art cupboard and to you ester:)
I am making work that has meaning to me and that is all I can do means SO much to know that the work has a possibility to make sense to others ....lightness delicacy me these are very important strengths