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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

drawing du jour and a few little cute trinkets for a cold day

a ittle deer in the hand is worth so so much

...goodness it was a chilly one today .
I am going to make some nice cozy felted wool cardigans tommorow ,wool is so wonderful and I absolutely LOVE sewing into knitted wool with big happy embroidered flowers and other other such jollities.
I love this old 1970's 3D picture so much , I have to say it is one of my most favourite things in my studio ! ...I like thinking about the scene inside the frame , its actually a staged setting of animal toys and all the set ..trees etc must have been hand made and then the scene set and then photographed and ..and..and .........then made into special 3D plastic ?
( I think they did a lot of these type of things in Japan back then, as I have a pinnochio one too)....anyways I love it !


nath said...

i love this drawing,(the top one), she made in gasp inwardly.

thank you for your words today. i'm so sad at the moment but your words were a steady beam of light.

Jane O Sullivan said...

bless you nath...sad happy sad happy sad happy it goes around and around and you will come around too xx

Fine Little Day said...

So tender, your drawings, and so nice.

Want to see your 3D Pinochio plastic card too :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

cheers elisabeth,means a lot X problem , coming soon !

Ben J Hamilton said...

Hello Jane. The quote was from Auguries of Innocence by William Blake; it’s not the only beautiful line in the poem either.

gini said...

merci merci jane!!! hope you have a brilliant day!!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks ben :) duhhh and me with the collected william blake books ..I only looked at the pictures yet !
Hi gini :)

Artemis Russell said...

That drawing is beautiful, wow!
And I love your 3-D picture, its amazing how its made!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks artemis ..your own blog is seriously inspiring :)