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Saturday, November 28, 2009

bright light....... bright star

still from Bright Star
The Killarney Cape
golden hands 1972
early this morning taken out my window as we drove down to the market (the poor flooded fields:(.....)
Its gone ! drawing that sold today as a present for an artists friend :)
two little cuties on my stall...appparently these ornaments originally would have had a tiny umbrella/dog on a chain attached to the hole , I put the tiny trees in for them (bless :)

I really really want to see this film by the suberb director (an angel at my table, the Piano) Jane Campion Bright Star about the doomed poet John Keats, you can see a bit of it here tragic,melancholic ,doomed,hauntingly beautiful......... what more do you need a well written review about it here............
unfortunately the cinema nearest us doesnt think we are sophisticated enough for any film that may be remotely challenging/quietly understated etc.....
I may have to travel down past flooded fields for two hours to get to the only cinema in the west of Ireland that is showing it....I MAY just have to....(after all its the least I could do )

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Laura said...

oh the drawing is lovely. the film looks just wonderful.. thanks for sharing.