Tuesday, November 17, 2009

right here right now...

miniature art works exhibition
this is part of my piece
your image that blossoms a rose in the deeps of my heart
ink on paper (9cmx7cm)
work in progress
ink and acrylic on paper
the stoneman c.1965
a romanian fairytale
illustrated by Angi Tiparescu
the cardigans I made last week,they are all made from second hand knitwear that I re-dye , felt and cut up ! and....re-magic together.
...I stayed up WAY too late trying to re-organize my studio and make some all important space.
Its getting there.......
I am looking forward to visiting this gallery the museum of everything on my next visit to england.


Laura said...

jane, the pieces for the show are just full of wonder for me. i love them...thank you for sharing!

Jane O Sullivan said...

thanks laura
.....wonder hmmm thats a a lovely compliment thank you:)
I feel a quote coming on...its one I had on my artists statement at college and I still love it.

"The faculty of wonder,like curiosity, can make things happen;it is time for wishful thinking ,to have its due "
Marina Warner