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Saturday, November 21, 2009

in and out like the little weather woman you see in those cute germanic ornaments.

....I dont know about where you are but we are having some seriously challenging winter weather.
It doesnt bother me much , as I love snuggling and I love being out in it aswell.
Yesterday was a complete joyful suprise and I couldn't settle to work so I headed off for a walk to the bog with zara.
It was fruitful , as are most intuitive moves, I took 80 photos of my shadow and had great fun capturing it as I walked really fast !
Sadly we couldnt go to the market today as there are floods on the way down . I am sorry for the people whose homes are under threat THAT I could not deal with. Stay warm and happy and productive x


Fine Little Day said...

80 photos of your shadow :)
Looks like a lovely day.

Shelky Bean said...

good idea missing the market jane! galway is like a castle with a moat at the moment. me, eoghain and alex made the treck to mayo on thursday and nearly didnt make it...we would have been better off with a boat, and now we cant get back because the roads are all closed! ah well...sometimes its nice to be stranded :)
love love love your recent work, cant wait to see them all in the flesh sometime!

Laura said...

i have been reading about the flooding... glad you are ok and the sun is out!

Ester Kiely said...

That little dog of yours is so cute...what I always call a scampy dog. My very favourite kind!