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Monday, May 21, 2012

you know how much I love a new moon

1-my studio wall
2-close up  (love this drawing on the record cover  by spanish artist navarro1960)
3-red shoes film still
4-moira shearer in the red shoes

So glad the new moon appeared yesterday , it always feels full of hope and possibility to me .
ritva has an amazing post and I met the lovely fionna at the market on saturday and her new website is lovely. I like her and her work very much.
The weather appears a little warmer and brighter , I did a bit of gardening yesterday and a little cycle ride , this week I hope very much to devote myself to my drawings.
Last week I watched the film the red shoes for the first time , it was beautiful, here are some stills. 

the red shoes film has many images that I am attracted to , mostly the floating woman image.I was amazed that I had never seen it before.

just want to say THANKS so much for the love and appreciation of so many people who encourage me in every way.I am truelly blessed this I know and feel.
Yesterday this lovely artical came to light thank you paula,I was inspired on my way by you all those years ago at your book making workshop.
artist paula henihan


Julia da Franca said...

what a lovely post dear jane, yes i know how much you love the new moon, me too! and thank you very very much for the link to the great painter fiona, love her work too! xox, julia

denise nestor said...

nice to hear you're feeling inspired and creative jane, I'm sure it will result in some more great work :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

julia ,fionna is one of my faves
denise ...thanks for your visit,hope your work is going well.

Unknown said...

A very nice entry, Jane. I like the photos and the reason why you put them, your studio, the album cover of Maria Dolores Pradera... and the discovery of Fiona, I think she is a very good artist!.

Thanks and a big hug and happy new moon!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello tati , SO nice to hear from you ! had you heard of maria dolores pradera? and yes fionna is a gifted artist for sure.

Ritva said...

thanks my dear!
you are a darling :)

and that article, i loved all your work, that i saw, and i agree what was written about them and you...artist who seems to know her imagery, tools and techniques as part of herself!

Unknown said...

Oh yes! She is a very famous singer in Spain. She is now very old, but in his days we all sang and heard her songs. Her voice is very sweet and mellow with a very personal style.

I saw your work on the blog and I've loved, you are a wonderful artist Jane, full of delicacy and elegance, you come to my inner world and full of light, so I am very grateful!, I'm always glad to meet you and enjoy your beautiful world.!

Jane O Sullivan said...

ritva ,thank YOU dear.... you know how hard it can be as an artist for so many years ....any feedback is golden -especially yours :)
dear tati , you are so sweet ,thank you for your kind and encourging words....... you made my day :)
I will listen to the record now .