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Monday, May 28, 2012

my sunny may week

**I loved rummaging around the flea/carboot sale yesterday ,treasures were collected , not this crazy weaving altho I thought it cute
** then an alchemy cardigan made by me gone gone gone on saturday , made up from three different jumpers
**a victorian plate I was sad to sell ......a sweet little 1930's metal chinese man broach ,also gone
**MAY FLOWERS (or shirt buttons as my friend pat refers to them)in the sun as we walked the dogs in the week
**and my fair hands cobbling bits of fabric together into a lovely skirt a mix of 1970's and 1950's fabrics.
**How was your week ?
jane x


Ritva said...

first of all, thank you dear your zine, that piece of treasure, came!
i love it!
i have been taking photos- a lot of them. it´s a work i was asked to do. still tomorrow i´m working, but i hope that on thursday it´s done.
because, all i want to do is just gardening :)
this is the time of the year that we have long days and short nights- and i´m like an animal, i go to sleep late at night and wake up when the sun comes up :) and the smells in the mornings! one could eat it and be nourished!
hugs, my dear friend!
ps. loved your cardigan!

Jane O Sullivan said...

ahhhh ritva ,
glad you liked my zine truth is my identity

(there are 4 left in that edition if anyone wants one)

thank you for dropping by and sharing your news and response to my work ....yes the cardigan is your colours completely ....
now get back out into the garden !