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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


ink and tempera on paper

I am on the verge of starting some new work. I feel it has taken me ages to get the courage to do this.
I am finding it very hard to make my work, sometimes its just too much for me to keep doing it ,to keep going is so hard ,you wonder why you do it and then you know you cannot not do it .....thats even harder.
La-Di -Dah


Julia da Franca said...

wonderful jane, you wrote this right out of my heart/brain... i'm so very often in that kind of struggle, but than i don't allow me to think like that anymore.
i would like to lay down in that beautiful circle, love your nail color too!
just keep on doing it, just because we have to, thats all!
big hug

Jane O Sullivan said...

thank you dear julia , for taking the time to comment and your encouragment, I deeply appreciate it.
I hope you will lie down in the drawing x

Ritva said...

dear you,
600 years ago there lived a hermit monk in japan- he wrote poems. there must have been other poets more famous at their time. i don´t know about them, but i have a book, written by that hermit, now after 600 years translated into finnish.
we never know what is the purpose, i think. we just do what we do.

i usually try to think that the thing i do, is like letting a bird to fly, that i have a bird in my hand and i set it free.

you know i love what you do, and i showed your blog to a friend of mine and she was so inspired by your works and world!

and your nails, what a colour, like sunshine and ice-cream at the same time :)

Jane O Sullivan said...

ritva ...........
X (massive size for you )