Wednesday, February 29, 2012

left handed life drawings

from my friends lovely 1930's book,love the sewn title on the book (an idea I would like to do)

I really am pleased with the sensitive lines in these drawings above that I did in the lifedrawing session yesterday.
The model who is also an artist, suggested I use my left hand as I was sort of a little lost and needed something to keep me going.
I dont know what it is, in your brain or how things feel so different when you use your left (or your non-dominant hand)
Its really an amazing feeling !

more of my life drawings


Ritva said...

yes, dear i know what you mean- i have tried it too :)
i also started (years ago) to write my letters from bottom to top. it´s refreshing!
all the best to you and your beautiful work!

Jane O Sullivan said...

ahh thank you Ritva !
I really do feel its a magical event -life drawing , I go in feeling always a little in awe of the model and the thought of drawing ,but something happens in the quite and serious atmostphere ....once I start , awkward and everything ....I get somewhere else that surprises me , that I actually did it !
I like the idea of writing bottom to top . I hope you are feeling better.

Ritva said...

hi dear, it´s you!
miss fortune picked you up :)
so i will send you this little present as soon as possible.

have a great weekend,
my treatments are half done, only 3 weeks left! :)

Tati Galiano said...

This is extremely interesting this proces because reason cease to dominate the mind. Sometimes when I draw I put face-down and the truth is that is amazed how the mind is and how it works!
I like a lot your drawings! They are beautiful!

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello tati , and thank you for your insight ,do you mean to close your eyes when you draw ? ,I felt very different when drawing with my left hand,more powerful even :)